Danny + Elly – Actual Day

The magical feeling of love during the actual wedding day are by those around you. I have the luxury of being able to witness weddings of people with diverse background and culture. It warms my heart whenever couple announce their vows and their eternity for love and not forgetting people around you who have shared your joy in your once in a lifetime event.

For Danny and Elly, both are from different countries and background. Danny is a true Singapore boy and Elly is from Indonesia; both met in Australia.

I received a call one day from an old classmate of my university days and she told me that her brother is getting married. I got hold of his email, few exchanges later and we met in Singapore during his transit in town. He went through my portfolio and signed on the dotted line of the contract. That was how smooth everything went.

The actual day was full of family warmth where Elly’s family flew in from Indonesia. It was a first for me to witness parents playing an active role in attending to their daughters gown, helping out with the jewellery and even the shoes. It was a sight for us as photographer to capture such tender and priceless moments.

I leave you with images from this wedding.


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