Eng Seng + Sharon

I got to know Eng Seng and Sharon through their wedding planner who is Adrian and Angela’s (whom I’m shooting end of this month) wedding planner as well. They contacted me a week before their actual day, and I only managed to meet them 2 days before.

Conversations were very important to them and so that was what I mainly focused on. This edit has got to have the most audio of people talking I have done. It was just as well since I got my hands on the Rhode video zoom mic which I got to use at Eng Seng and Sharon’s wedding

This wedding was filled with laughter and song. The gate-crashing games were full of song. Even their relatives got involved in guessing the titles of the songs.
I overheard Eng Seng wondering why he had so many ang pao’s in his pocket at the hotel lobby and realised the Jie Mei’s didn’t collect their ang pao. I managed to put in a part of the Jie Mei’s reaction when Sharon told them about it.

They had their tea-ceremony before their solemnization in their hotel and so they managed to have a sneak preview of the express highlights. Here’s a screenshot of Eng Seng having a preview

A screenshot of the couple watching it for the 2nd time during the dinner

Here’s is the express highlights with the Jie Mei’s realising they didn’t ask for ang paos during the gate-crashing

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