Krist + Diana pre-wedding video

Real moments, real people, real emotions

Diana kept every single letter, every single present, she even kept the box that contained the letters and presents given to her by Krist. Everything that you see in the video is real. None of it was a prop or re-created. We went back the places that the events happened, the restaurant, the colonial house, the place where they took their walks. Even the clues that were used for the treasure hunt were the original clues

We had long discussions about what we should do, the concept, interviews? re-enactment?
We finally decided to keep

everything as real as possible. Putting in real events that were significant to them
I really had fun going around with them, having lunches, shot them while they were really talking with each other, laughing and enjoying each other's company

To Krist and Diana: ????.. I think can qualify for ??? already.. haha

Background story and behind the scenes:
– The presents in the box are all items that Diana likes
e.g unscented candles (Krist handmade candles but made scented ones)

– Krist wrote in his last letter that if Diana was interested to work things out, he would be waiting for her at Jaan, 730pm
on the day of shoot, we only had the time-slot from 630pm to 7pm. We were at Sentosa cove (our previous shoot location) chilling out, waiting for time to pass. We decided to leave only at about 615pm, totally forgetting that there would be a jam. We only reached Jaan at 650pm leaving me with only 5-10 mins of shooting time. I'm glad I got all the shots required. We still laugh at that incident thinking back

– Krist loves to hold Diana's hand while driving.
It's not because of the shoot that he did that. I can vouch for that because when I'm in the car with them, even when I'm not shooting, he does it

– On the day that we were going to the colonial house, the house that they wanted to rent at first, Diana lamented that it would have been nice if we had a

raining scene in the car which would give a variety of shots and feel to the video
10 mins after she said that, it started to rain. Even when we reached the location and wanted to shoot, it was still raining. We had to go off for lunch first before coming back to shoot

– Treasure hunt
I got Krist to plant the clues so that Diana would really be looking for them instead of acting that she is
Diana really couldn't find some of the clues (which Krist correctly predicted)

If you were wondering why the pin number to the safe box is: 456838
It's because, if you type on your phone (the old sms way) it would be I love U
Yes, Krist is romantic in that way

I didn't realize this blogpost would be so long.. But thank you for those who are reading til this point.. haha

Here's the pre-wedding video