TC & Tiffy

Both TC and Tiffany both work in KL and so we could only meet up a week before their wedding.
We met for brunch and instead of talking about what was going to happen during the day, we talked mostly about what they do, why they love what they do, their values they stand for and really, their passion to help people

I had a few ideas for the video after that, but through the conversations, I was so inspired by what they stand for and the extent they go to help others. Even pledging to give what they were going to be receiving at the wedding to help people build homes.

I enjoy covering weddings, but more than that, I enjoy meeting people, getting to know who they are and making friends.

They both love to have fun and they sure did at their wedding dinner.
You don’t rarely see the groom marching in and doing cart wheels, throwing playing cards like the god of gamblers.
What gave me tingles that night was Tiffany and her father’s dance. Even while editing my heart was going all mushy