Chris & Trudy

I had so much fun doing up the pre-wedding video for Chris and Trudy. Through filming, I really got to know who Chris and Trudy are. I trust you’ll have as much laughs as I did filming and editing the clip

Christ being the anchor of their relationship was what they wanted to remind themselves and to tell people. Their wedding will be Chris and Trudy’s 11th year of dating. From the location of where they had their wedding, to the invitation card design, to the church deco, to the groomsmen’s outfit, it all followed that theme. I really wanted to incorporate that element in the video as well. So I brought a drone down to film the boats at where they were having their wedding, I wanted to depict the journey they have walked through as well, never giving up, and the life they have ahead of them together as a married couple.

Chris and Trudy Pre-wedding from Scintilla Studio on Vimeo.

Chris and Trudy SDE from Scintilla Studio on Vimeo.