Mark & Laysee

ProPhoto   New Gallery Your Galleries New Grid Mark is my cousin, so it was pretty interest ing covering his wedding. Having to see him go through all the games, saying his vows, being his usual nonsense self all through my camera was a very different experience. Here's what I saw through my camera! professional essay writers

Wendy and Shawn

Wendy and Shawn has one of the longest running relationship I've heard. They got to know each other more than 10 years ago in school, but only got together a couple of years back. They would wait for each other at the bus-stop, refusing to get on the bus without the other person. That was how they "dated" years back in school We

Eng Seng + Sharon

I got to know Eng Seng and Sharon through their wedding planner who is Adrian and Angela's (whom I'm shooting end of this month) wedding planner as well. They contacted me a week before their actual day, and I only managed to meet them 2 days before. Conversations were very important to them and so that was what I mainly focused

Danny + Elly – Actual Day

The magical feeling of love during the actual wedding day are by those around you. I have the luxury of being able to witness weddings of people with diverse background and culture. It warms my heart whenever couple announce their vows and their eternity for love and not forgetting people around you who have shared your joy in your once in

Ronny + Huiwen (Part 2) – Actual Day

This is a continuation of the previous part 1 I must say that I am always lucky to have met clients who are easy to work with. Ronny and Huiwen were no exception. In fact, I was always relatively involved in their build up of their wedding. I would receive messages every now and be updated on their plans. I also