I went to Melbourne for Lucien and Charmayne's engagement photos. Here are some photos I took during the drive up to squeaky beach along Wilsons Prom. Love the scenery in Melbourne so much. Everything just looks so picturesque. Will probably make a trip down again in June!

Jim & Dominica

It's East meets West. Jim is from England and Dominica is from Indonesia. They got married in Singapore. It was sheer experience for me to understand the different culture. Jim told me that in England, engagement sessions are common and pre-wedding were not and they emphasis a lot on the actual day itself. We had so much fun during the engagement session and I enjoy


  It was always my dream to be able to learn from stillmotion ever since I started shooting weddings. I was going through their blog (as usual) one day and saw that they were having "evolution". The whole purpose of evolution was // to foster a better understanding of the art of filmmaking. The next thing I knew, i saw another blogpost on the "Y experience"//we will

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