Yong & Victoria

It was one of the most fun yet tear jerking weddings I've covered. Love that the smile on Victoria's face was never missing, how affectionate Yong is to her and how much effort both of them put into their vows. I knew how important their vows were to them, so I managed to add the solemnisation held just before their dinner

Timothy & Evelyn

Timothy and Evelyn emailed me when I was in Canada. We conversed over email, they saw my work on my website and booked me all without seeing me face to face. Was really surprised at the amount of trust that they had in me just by the email conversations we had.We met up when I got back, got to know them,

Alvin & Wei Wei

I think Alvin and Wei Wei were most comfortable when we asked them to make funny faces at each other. Decided to put that as the intro because what they showed in that 5 poses basically summed up the whole day! Lots of smiles and crazy laughter!

Thomas & Jia Khee

I was still in Canada when Thomas and Jia Khee contacted me. We only were able to converse via emails and whatsapp. So thankful for technology! Here is their same day highlights. Want to know how I managed to capture Thomas getting ready?

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