Chris & Trudy

I had so much fun doing up the pre-wedding video for Chris and Trudy. Through filming, I really got to know who Chris and Trudy are. I trust you'll have as much laughs as I did filming and editing the clip Christ being the anchor of their relationship was what they wanted to remind themselves and to tell people. Their wedding will be Chris

Kenneth and Zona

Kenneth and Zona have a habit of writing each other letters every month-sary, and so I based that for the pre-wedding video. I wanted to link that to the actual day video as well, and no surprise there, they wrote each other a letter on their wedding day as well. I'm glad we managed give them some alone time for them to exchange their letters

Zhongkai & Eunice

You'll probably have a good laugh watching all their videos! I shall let the videos do all the talking Zhongkai and Eunice Proposal + MC video from Scintilla Studio on Vimeo. Zhongkai and Eunice : The get to know from Scintilla Studio on Vimeo. Zhongkai and Eunice highlights from Scintilla Studio on Vimeo.

Nicholas & Anne

When I met up with Nicholas and Anne, we got to talking about how unique every couple is. They looked at each other and asked, what was uniquely them. I got to know how Nicholas will do up a scrap book about their time together and how each of them had a special soft toy. Because of that, I decided to

Andy & Christy

I had the chance spend some time with Andy and Christy before their actual day to help them do up a video interview for their photomontage. Because of that I knew that their ceremony would be an emotional one. And indeed, it was. Here's a look at their wedding highlights Andy and Christy lunch SDE from Scintilla Studio on Vimeo.

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